Monday, April 27, 2009

Dang! I wish I were going to Mexico!

Confusing models from earlier but looks as though upslop will be difficult to get rid of tomorrow across the southern panhandle. The WRF shows nothing good but not sure about the ensemble members. I suppose they could break or be completely overdone.

Nonetheless, it is late so here are the pros: Great shear for supercells. Large low-level SRH. Mean flow that is slow. Potentially a lot of instability. Dews across the coast are in the low 70's. DRT looks like moisture is about to make its way up the valley.

In short, Saragosa and areas tucked in to the Davis Mountains could be under a threat tomorrow. Serranias del Burro will probably go big tomorrow and other times this week. I am hoping for a storm on the US side (no border crossings for us this year!) and if you look at the progged sounding for DRT, it is impressive.

So, we leave LBB early tomorrow and see if we can determine west to the Davis Mountains or South to the Rio Grande.


BTW...we will NOT go to Mexico. Not this year. Too dangerous. Someday if the US stops using drugs and we kill all the drug lords.

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C T Thorne said...

Aww, don't you like the drug lords? Hey, you can also get Swine Flu, an added bonus! NO Mexican Tornadoes for you!