Sunday, July 13, 2008

Alberta is Beautiful!

All I can say is that Alberta is phenomenal in weird and less than
marginal situations! Great shear from 3-6 KM and about 1000 CAPE or a
little more...72/54 with 500mb temps of -16C. And what you get is
great. We just need to go here when it is not underneath a strong
ridge. Other than that, anything can happen.

Got up really early (6:46 local) to do the day's plan. Got the car set up,
sent up a radiosonde (fun!) and then transected in the
foothills/mountains S of Nordegg. Found 8deg C dew point drops in 10
meters!!!! Amazing.

Anyway, we came out of the mountains and chased a few cells as they moved
into lower ground. Found some Canola fields for remarkable views.

See for pics. Last two
are from where we are staying. There is a supernumerary rainbow.