Monday, April 27, 2009

What a bust

Yesterday was lousy. So many things went wrong. Very little went right. Big steep lapse rates but no cap. Lot of shear if the storms turned right which they didn't. A thousand storms to choose from, only a few rotated. Only one produced a few tornadoes. Overall, not good. We saw one storm that was alright. Near the Red River southwest of Altus, OK. Had a cool wall cloud and for a few minutes looked like it wanted to tornado. But it did not.

I think the storms moving to the north east (probably from 210-220) and surface winds from the southeast (at most from 135) just didn't give a lot of chance to for low-level shear to really catch hold. No long-lived supercells. For what was expected, we should not have had to try to find the little bits of rotation in these storms. The one that produced tornadoes was nice for a little while. A lot of storms had gone through about the same region and did nothing. The one did.

We will never see everyone. We will miss storms. But that was too difficult yesterday. You were either there or someplace with a whole lot less promise.

I did say northern Iowa looked good. And sure enough, they had a tornado. Figures.

People liked the storms. So I was happy for them. I can't wait to show them storms that make me excited. Maybe tomorrow.

Today was a down day (mostly.) Stupid MCS ripped through Texas and took all the good juice with it. Tomorrow has promise. We are going to Cagle's for some good rib-eye tonight. Yeah! And Shiner. Yeah again. Not all is bad in Texas!


BTW...Old Faithful in Mexico had a cool looking supercell again today! Too bad there are so many shootings. And Swine flu. One day, it will be safe to chase there and I am going to again!

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