Wednesday, May 21, 2008

What We Have Waited For

Today was fun even though not a great chase. Started out by touring the CHILL-CSU radar (thanks to Eric Nelson) and that was very cool. Will have pictures for my classes in the future. Afterward headed to Cheyenne WY to await storms that came off the mountains or formed in better air to the east. We waited while storms formed in NE CO. I was glad for the forecasting we did in saying that all of CO would be good and that the TX/OK panhandle would have a chance but remain capped.

Stormed were big windbags!! We struggled in the wind for several hours with east winds gusting over 40mph for a long time. Some good lightning but not good for picture taking. We killed several hundred tumbleweeds! For those who know what I mean I am sure you are laughing in understanding.

Tomorrow looks like a big tornado day. I am sure there will be at least a 15% hatched tornado area on the day one. Significant shear and supercells will be abundant from Kansas to OK with the area we will probably target near the warm front dry line intersection and then stair step down the dry line. Strongly backed flow in the warm sector should allow for may storms with a severe threat. We just hope we do not make mistakes and run into bad luck.

But spring is finally here. And should stay put for the next several days. I am looking forward to the chase now!



Metal said...

Good luck man! Thanks for the constant blog updates, I keep checking these daily even if I don't have much time for nowcasting.

wxman said...

I was watching this possible tornado outbreak for quite sometime..The outbreak started in Northern Colorado with a tornado a mile wide over Greenly CO. SPC got 220 damage report mostly from Colorado and Kansas..Finally we got one.Colorado and Kansas area were mostly got some serious damage..Chances of tornado in same area are possible NE Colorado into SW Nebraska,Kansas and most severe might be in Oklahoma by night time..some good spots to chase again..:)Goodluck on the chase..have a safe chase..Looking forward for the updates..

Anonymous said...

We need more updates!
Where are you? How many tornadoes?
Where are you going? How many times have you had Steak or BBQ??
You know, the important thing!!
And get the freakin' tracker fixed, or make Laura go on every trip so we know where you are!!