Tuesday, May 20, 2008

And now the chase begins

We are in Colorado Springs today and this should be the last day of only marginal thunderstorm activity. We will be heading to the Garden of the Gods for sight-seeing...maybe a good Mexican place for lunch. If there are thunderstorms they should be in the favored terrain of the Palmer Divide or *maybe* even the Denver Cyclone region. We are watching more closely tomorrow.

AS flow starts to improve, thunderstorms are likely in the area indicated by the slight risk on Day 2 from SPC. This area will almost certainly see storms but the stroms will have mid-level flow from the south or even SSE and that will make chasing a little more difficult. I do not like some of the shear profiles with those storms, especially if they form in roadless regions. ON the other hand, shear profiles look very good down the dryline in SE CO, even OK and TX PH. This area will be strongly capped but also in closer proximity to better moisture that should be making its way north tomorrow. I have a feeling about SE CO tomorrow but we will wait and see how things pan out. We will stay somewhere near or just north of Denver to put ourselves in decent position.

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