Sunday, May 18, 2008

Trying Times

We went to Jess n' Jim's tonight. That was good. Tomorrow we head to Colorado Springs and we will watch a ball game at the Rockies Game. We are not messing with the stuff in MO tomorrow. I am just not impressed enough to squander time there. For Tuesday, we will be hoping for some convection off the Palmer Divide. Not high expectations...just convection.

Then all eyes will turn to the dang closed low in the SW. What an annoying pattern. Weather sucks this year and it doesn't look to be getting better. We are still hopeful of a few good storms if we can get moisture underneath better flow aloft. Not looking at a large area, but then again, a storm or two is all we need. So look for small areas of concern both Wednesday and Thursday unless some things change for the better.

So we will stay hopeful and not expect outbreaks of severe. Once again, 2008 is too weird.


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