Sunday, July 15, 2007

Trip 5 Day 3

What a silly day yesterday. we drove from Carrington to Minot where we had lunch. We had given up on the idea of heading *really* far north (which was good) and so tried to find a place to stay. There are no hotels in southern SK. If anyone wants to make money, put some hotels in this region. Same in South Dakota. We finally stayed at a hotel in, you guessed it, Minot. It was ok beside the A/C not really working. Good little restaurant called Ebenezer's in downtown Minot. Had fun at least. Played go-carts which was fun. And we didnt just drive around.

Have I told you I hate big ridges. That ridge jsut won't go away. The only real hope of breaking it down doesnt happen until Friday. So we try to find little waves in NW flow which aint easy. There is a little surface low across west central SK that is tracking southeast. Hopefully, we can get some surface based convection near that low. Now to find that proverbial needle.

Sigh. Got to get the flow over the Rockies.


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Anonymous said...

hang in there.
It can only get better!