Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Trip 5 Day 4/5

Can I tell you two things that I have figured out? Canada is big and ridges stink!

Yesterday, we left Moose Jaw, SK at 8:10 AM (CDT) which is really early. we stopped for data at Medicine Hat and got lunch there as well. Then we drove until we got north of Calgary near the towns of Caroline, Olds and others. Were there storms? Yes. Saw a bog wall cloud over the mountains. We thought things would move off and be good. but they didnt. Everytime a storm formed and moved off it would die a horrific death. As we saw in the 00Z sounding near Edmonton, there was a subsident near surface layer that basically capped everything badly. No CAPE. Just air that convected on the mountains and then death. Have I told you I hate ridges?

We came to Red Deer and just had fun. I wish I could say that today looked good but I would be lying. winds are worse and the omega block ridge just persists. Thursday looks like flow actually enters AB and we hope that is a good day. Friday everything moves out in a big way but we are not sure how the surface will truly respond.

Did I tell you I hate ridges?

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Anonymous said...

Hang in there Paul, Pat and company, thursday has potential depending on the timing of the BC coast impulse. Why not check out Banff national park and the columbian icefields while that stinkin ridge builds? There are also some good bars in Canmore.