Saturday, July 14, 2007

Trip 5 Day 2

Well, we saw a storm yesterday. Pretty storm in some ways although not great structure. High-based and elevated, it had some good lightning and our view was terrific. Nice double rainbow (only an R0) and we ended up in Carrington. All in all, an easy drive day (except for traffic NW of MSP) and a good food day. Great little diner (Moe's) in Osseo, WI, and Space Alein's Cafe in Fargo. Played a little darts in Carrington at the Chieftan Bar and Grill.

We had thought about heading north toward Lloydminster SK but the low-end possibility after 12 hours of hard driving just seemed to be more than we should worry about. we will be looking at SW MB and SE SK and maybe even ND tomorrow and AB sometime after that. So we are analysing and waiting for the 12Z WRF to come out and then figure out where in Canada we will head today. Maybe Brandon.


BTW...yesterday in southern MB, dews started in the low 50's. With NW winds (meaning no Gulf moisture) dews in some places went into the 70's.

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