Sunday, June 21, 2009

One more day?

We have been getting in late every day. This will be our 9th straight day chasing. I am VERY tired. But it has been worth it.

Yesterday, we intercepted a very scary HP storm near McPherson yesterday. The storm went from nothing to 100kts gate to gate shear in 5 scans as low-level meso was very strong at times. Several tornadoes were reported but we were unable to see anything. Meso was on northeast side of this storm with huge RFD and low shelf along that region. We were close enough to look into the notch but the storm would occlude and heavy precip would wrap around it. The only way a tornado would have been seen was from up close within the precip, a place I did find safe enough. This happened twice and even though we were only a few miles away there was no way to see it. The best chance we had was actually right before total dark when the storm was near Herrington. We had a great view but at that time, no tornado touched down.

Very much worth the trip! Great storm and a lot of lightning.

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