Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Cool Supercell

Sorry I have not been updating. I will do a review later. Things have been busy in a pretty good way!

Yesterday, we hung out in SE KS in Sedan. After watching cu's fail in NW OK,we started north knowing that the advective processes near sunset would initiate convection slightly elevated. We watched several soft banded stratus bottoms with rock hard convective towers above them. They still pressed against a very formidable cap and softened quite a bit. Thinking it might be a few more hours we were wondering where anything would go. Seeing explosive development on radar near ICT we made a navigation error which cost us about 20 minutes through the winding roads of SE KS. We did manage to get into the notch about 20 minutes before sunset and were treated to quite a wonderful supercell.

There was fairly weak inflow but there were two times that I thought a tornado were possible. The first had a good solid wall cloud (the funnel reports being quite unreliable) although nothing that screamed tornado imminent. The second was when the storm was right on top of Winfield. It looked like the storm was clear-slotting (very dark) and there was what *might* have been a large funnel. No power flashes underneath, we decided to drive up to get a closer look...1/2 mile away. It quickly fell apart and did no apparent touchdown. I didn't think it would based on very loose velocity structure in the midst of the hook.

Nonetheless, a good end to a long day of waiting!

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