Saturday, April 26, 2008

Trip 1 Day 2 - Headin' to Texas

After a fairly unimpressive day yesterday, we slept in Springfield MO. Slow going in western IL toward STL but that is the way it is. Today, a good situation is unfolding in TX with the biggest problem moisture. The NAM seems to forecast a rapid increase and all the models are showing a strong convective signature.

Around the base of the main upper trough another strong impulse is going to make its way around the turn. As it does so, good wind fields will provide a good environment for supercells with storms as they develop. Moisture should become more plentiful so the tornado threat will improve toward sunset. We are hoping that storms will have a favorable trajectory along the returning warm front to ingest more vorticity before the secondary and main killing cold front overtakes all. We are hoping for a good lightning show overnight.

Our target will be toward ABI area or points a little further north. Will adjust after morning analysis. Might take in a Rangers game tomorrow PM before heading to San Antonio in the evening. Monday will be a down day before we head to Lubbock for Cagles Tuesday evening to set up for what may be a busy next few days!

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