Monday, April 28, 2008

Still Waiting


So little moisture. Some sounding look more like January than late April. Snow in Chicago. Weird weather continues. I have not seen anything like this weather since I have been chasing. Extremely low wavelenghts have precluded aggressive return flow from the Gulf of Mexico and another big wave is set to attack. Wednesday would be outstanding if there were any vapor in the air. 700mb dew points are as low as I have ever seen in spring across most of the southern CONUS.

So we are now in Arlington TX. Up from San Antonio. We are going to hang around the Fort Worth Stockyards tomorrow and catch a Rangers game tomorrow night. Then off to OKC on Wednesday. I doubt we will chase Wednesday. Unless remarkable moisture return commences. But it won't.

Thursday, however, is still the big day and I hope we do it right. We hope the atmosphere does it right too. Friday...not sure. Midwest looks under the gun but it may be messy and early with a lot of ongoing convection.

Saturday....doubtful. Although there is some chance across parts of Texas. If the dprog/dt improves, it might be worth watching.

If not, we come home early.

Sigh...what a weird spring.

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