Sunday, July 22, 2007

The End of Trip 5

Well, it is over. What a horrible weather trip. I will have more to say concerning the weather of the last week when I get home. For now, just know that from a storm chaser's perspective it was very dissapointing. Nothing came together at all. No storms were ever good viewing storms, if they fromed during the day at all which most of the time, they didn't.

Thursday the storms were east of the shear. Friday it was capped and nothing formed till way after dark. Saturday, the cap persisted and although it was close, no storms ever fromed. Look at the 00Z sounding out of Bismarck. Great shear, lots of CAPE but low level CIN that was too much to overcome.

Nat to say that the trip was all bad. I thought the people were great. We didnt drive too much. We will have put on less than 5000 miles, probably more like 4750, which for going to west of Edmonton is not bad at all. And we did see the Rockies. It was beautiful.

I would have posted pictures but I really didn't take any. I mean I have some people pics and pics of the terrain, but no storms. I will post those on our web site later.

All in all, while not the worst weather of a chase, certainly, it ranks among the lowest.

To end on a positive note, there were good moments of analysis and I am very proud of the group and they way they did their morning analysis.

That is gamble and this year, the atmosphere wasn't even dealing.


Matt said...

A ridge in the west brings a tear to my eye.

Stupid Ridge.
Stupid Models.
Stupid no data!
Stupid Hotels!

Tim said...

I will second that tear.

Dan said...

but at least the vans didn't break down every 50 miles....

mila said...

Speaking of ridges, I am starting to get scared I might lose the 90° days bet, to the over! Even CDC spaghetti bounces a 500z ridge around the midwest like a racquetball for the next two weeks. I only need 13 days more, and it's looking possible to hit 24 before the peak of hurricane season. that would not be cool.

Anonymous said...

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