Friday, July 20, 2007

Day 7/8

Did I say I was optimistic?

what a crappy pattern. the worstof my fears had been realized this week. Stupid large eastern Trojgh just kept brinign in more and more dry air. yesterday was as frustrating as it gets. Flow finally becomes good but the surface features pusheast ahead of it. Lots of storms but nothing good at all. All of them near SK border which wasnot under the flow.

It seemes that the wave moved in bodily rather than having a real baroclinic shortwave. Saw some good lightning but not good for photos.

Or at least not when we were there.

Today is hot and capped. No wave to start things off although a little better in surface features.

There is some hope for tomorrow, just not much.

Did i say i was pessimistic?

Actually...tomorrow could be the only day with storms then we go home. d prog/dt is looking better. That sounded optimistic didnt it?

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Anonymous said...

Disappointed with your lack of posts for this trip.
Surely you have seen something?
Where have you been?