Friday, April 6, 2012

War Horse

I saw the movie Warhorse a few months ago. There were some beautiful scenes in the movie but I was not a big fan of the story line. There was one very powerful scene that moved the audience to tears however and that was when the Warhorse found himself in the front lines between the Allied forces and the Axis forces. This beautiful and strong creature ran into the barbed wire fences that separated the two enemy sides. The barbs chewed into the horse's flesh and sinew. The more the horse felt the pain and panic of being trapped, the more he ran. And the more he struggled, the more the barbed wire trapped him in the middle of dangerous territory.

It wasn't till yesterday, that I realized how much like the Warhorse I am.

No matter how strong or able I might be, I have run into dangerous territory and became entangled in life-threatening barbs. And the more I struggled to get free, the more barbs ran into my flesh and held me captive. Sometimes I do not know how I got so far into such a dangerous location and cannot believe I kept running, trusting on my own strength to carry me through. I do know a few things.

First, I am helpless to get out by myself. I have not the ability to cut these wires. I am hopelessly ensnared.

Second, I am bleeding and in great pain. And since I cannot get out alone, my own demise is soon to occur. And I am not only in pain, but there is no way to get out without more pain. Pain is inevitable.

Third, there is hope. Because the God who created me has not abandoned me. Even in enemy territory the Warhorse was set free as men from both sides of the front lines took pity on the creature and came to cut him free. Removing the barbed wire from the frightened horse caused some of the barbs further into the horses muscles. The pain was excruciating but it did not kill him. With the patience and skill of others, the horse was set free little by little. And with each barb removed from the horse, the pain lessened. The Warhorse calmed down and quit struggling against the pain. Instead, the horse endured it until it was free.

My pain can be great but there is no escaping the pain. I have run too deep into that field. God has sent rescuers to help remove the barbs. It will take time. It will be painful at times. But with each cut of the wire, I am one step closer to being free. The scars will eventually heal. Pain will endure until I die but I will not die from this excursion into dangerous territory. In fact, I will not die at all, but live.

Because 2000 years ago, my Rescuer was caught by barbs and thorns and nails that trapped him without hope Himself. He endured the pain, and His Father removed the this Great Warhorse from the snares of sin and restored Him to new life. His scars remain, and He remembers the pain. But He who endured the pain and went through dangerous territory is now the One who will come to our aid.

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