Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Wow...Worst Weather Pattern...EVER

2009 will probably go down as the worst severe weather pattern anyone will (hopefully) ever see. It is the most stagnant flow I have ever seen. Combine that with an almost tropical cyclone in the Gulf of Mexico, and the leads to the pattern least conducive for severe weather I, and most any others, have ever seen.

So we leave today with very little expectation. We will head to the Nebraska Panhandle tomorrow and hope that the forecast storms may have a slight chance and showing supercellular structure. After that, it looks even worse. We will be heading to the mountains to try to get some understanding of mountain meteorology and maybe take some pictures of of lightning with a mountain backdrop.

I hope to never see another year like this as long as I am storm chasing. The rest of the world is probably happy.


tea for tessa said...

:( I am sorry to hear that. I noticed there was no action happening for the rest of the week. Sunny weather is nice, but it has its place. Severity is where its at! Look forward to a good hike and maybe check out the canyon.

Better luck to you!

Marny said...

This is real strange, not good to chase in the US but very good in Europe ...
If you guys want to do some European maps, this is the time !

Check this :