Monday, May 25, 2009

The End of Trip 2.a and 2.b

We are almost home. Its amazing to think about the way the weather has been. Almost beyond comprehension. To put it in perspective, we have not had a weather watch anywhere in the country since Saturday. 9 DAYS AGO!! I would not have thought it was possible to go that long in May without some weather watch. In fact, there has not been a slight risk or more since Wednesday. And yet, despite all this, we had some good experiences on this trip. We saw a number of storms, drove through some hail, saw a lot of lightning and saw amazing parts of this country. We went on tours of NCAR and Scott AFB, we saw the only remaining wagon ruts from the Oregon trail, went to Estes Park, ate amazing food, and crossed the Platte River 2318 times.

We learned some things too about group dynamics and maintaining a positive attitude when all else goes wrong. I must hand it to this group of stalwart chasers that despite many trying circumstances, they never let it get to them. They were always positive about the experiences. and learned to accept those things which cannot be changed. I feel that all of character was improved.

Would we have changed the weather if we could have? Of course. But there were many great experiences that may be once-in-a-lifetime experiences. And we have stories to tell. And we will always remember that "Stupid May without Severe."

Of course I am hoping that THAT is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.


Matt said...

I still quit. Don't try to make this something it isn't. This time I mean it. :)

ShadowJim said...

It's insane, the weather pattern. We've been planning on going on a trip for the last month now, but it never looked good enough to bother with. My brother (the forecaster) says next week looks promising.

We'll see.

sirvatka said...

Not so sure! There are some possibilities, but the incredibly strong and persistent Hudson Bay Vortex does not show signs of warming any time soon!