Thursday, April 30, 2009

Can't it just go easier?

What a weird day. Targeted areas along the Red River near Vernon, TX. Had a great lunch at Rock Inn in Seymour. Awesome place! Gotta have some homemade pie!

Anyway, after watching the outflow boundary (OFB) head a little north we decided to cross into OK. Watching cu's bubble along the dry line and further NW in OK we thought we would hedge our bets and play in the middle. We sat for about 2 hours in Granite OK. We waited and waited until after 7PM. Nothing was going on so we called the trip and were going back to the hotel in Lawton. Twenty minutes later we turned the corner and as I looked to the NW a series of strong towers had broken the cap. Just then Sam from the weather lab called me and said it was showing up on radar.

Of course! Couldn't have started twenty minutes earlier.

So we cruised north. It took a while but we made it just in time to watch a tornado warned storm about two miles to our north. We saw an attempt at a low-level occlusion with a rainy core wrapping into the updraft. No tornado was visible and we had a very good view of it. We watched a while longer before heading west to reposition to the storms south. We watched an incredible lightning display until the storm died soon afterward.

It would have been nice to have been there a little earlier. But at least we got there. That is 8 supercells and three tornadoes in 7 days.

And tomorrow and Saturday look good!

See David Mayhews site for an amazing wealth of great pics from tonights storms.

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