Sunday, June 15, 2008

Stop the Driving Madness

What a frustrating day. I am getting tired of driving and driving. We left OKC at 10AM heading north to ICT. Obviously, we were concerned about the ongoing showers across KS/OK. As it turned out that ruined everything. Pretty hilarious PDS watch/mdt risk in KS. Not a whole lot went on there. And the models were no help. We thought maybe NW OK looked ok so we headed south again. Hung around near I-35 because a nice looking tor warned storm appeared in northern KS along the remnant OFB. Shoot...could this be the start of good storms? South of the warm front the dew points dropped ten degrees...further south, even less. As it turned out, the storm died a horrific death and nothing good really went on in KS. We headed west to see what cu's formed on another boundary.

In Camp Houston, we saw towers to the north near our possible original target. We watched for a while but decided to go after the tor-warned storm in the TX/PH. By time we got there, it died. Had a lot of lightning and very strong winds. But still nothing too good for 1900+ miles in the last three days.

Tomorrow, hopefully close to Guymon where we are now.

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