Friday, June 20, 2008

Deja Vu

We chased the monster AMA storm last night. A strong OFB from an ongoing (stupid) MCS across Kansas surged southwestward and kicked off a number of storms across the eastern PH of TX. The anvil of these storms were so soft I felt like sleeping on it. So from the get go we knew it was elevated. Originally, we had headed south west but the cu's were completely pancacus. It was soon after that the storm exhibited some good rotation and there was a notch in the OFB on radar. I had supposed that the storm *could* have become tied close to the OFB so we headed to see it. It was clear that the OFB would surge very far with some 20-25 degree temperature deficits.

It had a pretty scary shelf cloud and it had a great turquoise appearance. Given our track record this week with large hail and damaging winds, we decided to stay south of the storm.The outflow was more than ten miles from the storm itself. Even the shelf cloud was displaced north of the surface flow cold air by a few miles. We headed south and east to see another tor warned storm but as we got close, the stratus deck indicating elevated lift was many miles south of the storm. Couple that with the 35kt northeasterly wind at an observing site 10 miles from the storm, well you get the picture.

I continue to be amazed at the amount of tornado warnings. There was one report of a tornado with a third storm further I could understand that tornado warning (although I do not believe the report.) Maybe a gustnado, but who knows for sure. Unless we have visual evidence. The other storms were so obviously undercut.

Now I know Markowski maintains that a storm could still be considered "surface-based" as long as there is still *some* SBCAPE. But I would have a hard time thinking that the air is buoyant enough for a tornado to form. We are not talking a few degrees of negative temperature perturbations.

Anyway, we headed toward Lubbock for a nice Cagle Steak dinner. Spectacular lightning for several hours and interesting cloud towers made for a nice weather night. No complaints there. Today, we go to Colorado because we are suckers for punishment. I love chasing in the middle of a synoptic high.You people who like to save money and only chase when there is a good set-up really ought to learn to chase when things are really lame. At least there is no chaser convergence. Although, I could use the company. :-)

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Metal said...

"A strong OFB from an ongoing (stupid) MCS across Kansas surged TX. The anvil of these storms were so soft I felt like sleeping on it. the cu's were completely pancacus."

Now THAT is funny!