Friday, May 2, 2008

Bust Day May 1

It is only fair that I would have to publish this blog on a bust day. Granted, it is a day late, but for all who were sad I didn't post enough, well tough. I worked my butt off all day and the last thing I need to do is type up a post of how we screwed up.

I work 16 hour days and cannot spend more time than I have to write a review.

I wish some of you would know the feeling of leading 16 people on a trip to see storms and realize that you screwed up. Then I got back at the hotel in Joplin at 1 AM and was pretty frickin tired.

Blogging is not what i had in mind...sleep is what I needed.

Especially when I had to get up at 9 to chase again.

So we blew it. Initiation was the problem. We knew that cap eradication was not the problem. Mesoanalysis had 0 CIN for sb and ml values. But still, nothing was erupting. Just no convergence. Parcel theory only goes so far in explaining things.

We said Still water...early in the day. We did analysis on the road and though...Stillwater. We we IN Stillwater. Agh! But there was nothing starting. I let everyone else who told me there would be no storms...convince me that daylight storms were impossible. Except in KS. I didnt think so but was so afraid, I left our forecast area. Storms started to develop in KS and I could get there. So we went. Saw a crappy little line. It looked really ugly and we knew it had no possibility. Matt called and told us we needed to go back to OK where we had just been.


Right where we were.

But we went and made it there after sunset. We were within a few miles of this tornadic supercell. We came over a hill and it died. Completely and within a few minutes. We missed it.

Went to Joplin and were depressed. At least there was a hope for tomorrow.

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